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Ever since we launched the two camera HDX2 system back in 2014, people have been asking us for more camera inputs. A lot of people want a forward camera, a rear camera, a driver camera, a pedal camera and more, so we thought about how to achieve this and believe we have come up with the best solution.

Our engineers have developed a 4-into-1 camera input for HDX2 that allows you to replace one or both 1080p HD camera inputs with up to four 700TVL bullet cameras. This means that HDX2 can now capture video from up to eight cameras.

Already it seems that the most popular option is what we are calling HDX2-5 where one 1080p HD camera is used as the forward view and the new HDX2-421 module with four bullet cameras is used to capture the rear, the driver, the pedals and something else. You now truly can record everything that happens inside the vehicle.

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