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2017 NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill

2017 NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill

The 15th running of the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill presented by Hawk Performance is attracting a new crop of drivers, veterans and professionals alike, all taking aim at a class or overall win in what has become the country’s preeminent Pro-Am en

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Team Ryno Racing brought two Ginetta G57 prototypes to last year’s 25 Hours of Thunderhill presented by Hawk Performance with the intent to race one and use the other for spares or as a backup. They ended up racing both.

Last year, with just 2.5 hours left to race, Ryno Racing’s main car had a seven-lap lead when they suffered a right rear sub axle failure, which caused a lengthy pit stop for repairs. Half an hour later, the same failure occurred on the sister car, and the team finished first and second in ESR, and second and fourth overall.

This year, the team has been working with Ginetta, which redesigned the sub axles and other components to ensure the same failure doesn’t happen again. Once again, they’re bringing both cars, but with the intent to race both of them.

“We’re coming to the race far more ready for the 25 Hours than we’ve ever been,” said team owner and driver Randy Carpenter.

They’re also bringing a driver lineup balanced among professionals and accomplished gentleman drivers. Carpenter said most of them are personal friends, which is the way he likes it.

“I’ve been asked this one question over and over again. We come with pretty good equipment, so why don’t we just put five pros in the car and see what the cars will do?” Carpenter said. “We intentionally are not running an all-pro lineup because we really are coming to have fun. We may have really good equipment, but that’s just because we like good equipment.”

The entire team’s driver roster includes Colin Braun, Jonathan Bennett, Ryan Carpenter, Najaf Husain, Ethan Stone, Ross Bentley, Jon Van Caneghem, John Falb and Sean Rayhall.

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Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2017