HE/Black Analog Sensor Loom (steering, throttle & brake)

HE/Black Analog Sensor Loom (steering, throttle & brake)


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Race-Keeper HE analog and digital sensor cable allows you to add up to 3 analog and 2 digital sensors to your Race-Keeper system; data is automatically captured and synchronized with the video.

Each branch of sensor connection loom is 12″ long. The main 12-way connector plugs into the sensor port on the Race-Keeper system. Sensor connections are delivered with 6-way locking connectors. Terminated sensors and/or sensor cables with bare ends are available from the Race-Keeper store.

The 3 analog sensor inputs are pre-configured for steering, throttle and brake sensor data; data is automatically calibrated using Race-Keeper Comparo analysis software.

– Steering data is displayed in the range +/- 180 degrees.
– Throttle and brake data are displayed as 0-100% application of pedal.

Digital inputs are ready for an RPM sensor and a wheel speed sensor.
RPM input can accept data from an ECU tach signal or from an RPM HT sensor; RPM data is manually calibrated using Race-Keeper Comparo analysis software.

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