Comparo HD

Comparo HD = Time gained, on and off the track

We know that your time on track is limited, but so is the time available between sessions, during which you have to review your video/data, along with a whole host of other things. That is why we have made our video data analysis software so simple to use.

Although we believe Comparo HD is the simplest video data logging software on the market, to some we appreciate it may appear daunting at first glance, due to all the text, graphs and buttons. That is why we actively encourage you to download a copy of Comparo HD for free, along with some sample video/data and have a go at comparing laps and analysing data for yourself.

Comparo HD is Race-Keepers video data analysis software which plays synchronized video alongside course map and data traces, including speed, lap number, lap time, G forces, as well as any other data streams available via OBD-II, ECU/CAN or from Analog/Digital sensors.

It presents all of this information in a single, combined view so that you can instantly start analysing your ontrack performance straight away. Data and video is automatically syncronised so there is no unnecessary setup or configuring that is required before you can playback your outing.

If you double-click one of the cameras, you will launch into fullscreen mode, which looks visually stunning when combined with 1080p HD footage from a HDX2 system. In fullscreen mode you can display various graphical data displays such as track map, speed gauge and G-Force Meter. These items can be moved around the screen or resized. The second camera feed is displayed in Picture-in-Picture mode. To switch camera views, just double-click on the Picture-in-Picture view.

Comparo HD automatically creates a track map based on captured GPS data and overlays this on a GoogleMap satellite image (when internet access is available).

Other captured data such as speed, G Force, RPM, and Gear Number can be overlaid onto the track map creating a rainbow map which can prove to be very useful, especially when comparing the fastest laps of two different drivers.

Below are a few GPS track map examples:

Comparo HD makes reading vehicle and driver data easy. Just select from the data channels available which ones you would like to display. If required you have the ability to thicken up the data lines or switch the background colour to make the data trace lines stand out easier to read in low light conditions

One of Comparo HD’s most powerful features is “Compare Mode” which allows you to playback two syncronised laps/recordings, overlaying the data from each to analyse where/why and how time was lost. Understanding why one driver is slower around a lap than another can be very tricky but if you combine graphical and visual data together, the job becomes slightly easier. Not only can you pinpoint the differing factor (i.e. driver two brakes early for a particular corner), the video can provide the slower driver with visual indications of how they need to change in order to improve (i.e. change their visual brake point marker.

Race-Keeper Comparo makes it super simple to export your fastest lap and upload to your YouTube channel. Here’s a instructional video showing you how to do that: