HE System

HE = Up to four cameras

The HE (Harsh Environment) video data logging system is one of our most popular products due to its high specification and competitive price. Supporting up to four cameras, 10Hz GPS and all in a fully waterproof housing, the HE system is the perfect non-HD video data system.

The Race-Keeper HE combines the power of professional-grade video and data systems in one easy-to-use video data package. Together with the Race-Keeper Comparo analysis software, the HE is the most powerful, competitively priced driver development tools available to help racers analyze and improve their driving.

Race-Keeper is one of the world’s most capable and trusted providers of video data loggers. We have been delivering video data systems to premier racing series and programs for a long time across North America and Europe.

The HE system is a one box solution for capturing video and data, synchronizing them instantly and automatically. The HE system accommodates up to four cameras and includes two video encoders which can capture two full resolution video streams. Each system delivers stereo audio with built-in auto gain control and captures data from multiple sources, including 10Hz GPS, internal 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyrometer, OBD-II,  ECU/CAN, and analog/digital sensors. The HE system is WiFi ready and the housing is waterproof.

The HE kit includes everything you need for video and data, right out of the package…in a waterproof, dust-proof, heat-resistant enclosure.

  • Race-Keeper HE-10 video data system
  • High resolution mini-bullet or mini-square camera
  • Microphone with software-controlled auto gain
  • 10Hz GPS engine and external antenna
  • Power loom (cig lighter adapter or 12v connect)
  • 2GB SD card
  • Installation kit
  • Race-Keeper Comparo PC software
  • Race-Keeper Quick-Start guide

HE System Pricing

Easily compare the specification and pricing of each different HE configuration.

Two Camera HEMost Popular

  • Two 700TVL Cameras
  • SD Recording
  • 10Hz GPS
  • Dual-Stream recording
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Three Camera HEMost Popular

  • Three 700TVL cameras
  • SD recording
  • 10Hz GPS
  • Dual-Stream Recording
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Four Camera HEMost Popular

  • Four 700TVL cameras
  • SD recording
  • 10Hz GPS
  • Dual-Stream recording 
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