iDash Instant Driver Feedback

All Race-Keeper systems use GPS data to create track maps and lap times, as well as to enable fully accurate track position syncing in lap/driver compare mode. This GPS data can also be used to provide the driver with instant feedback on their driving using iDash.

iDash is a Race-Keeper App, downloadable from both the Apple and Google App Stores and installable on either smartphones or tablets. When your device is then paired via WiFi with a Race-Keeper system, the smartphone or tablet turns into a predictive lap timing display, lap memory device, rev counter and more.

The easiest way to improve your laptime is to immediately see which driving lines and techniques work and which ones do not. By having a predictive lap timing display in your vehicle, you have the ability to see in real-time how changing brake or turn-in points can affect your lap time and whether these changes would be deemed positive or negative based on your desired end goal (faster lap time, tyre preservation, etc).