Instant Video

Instant Video = The Ultimate Driving Experience Video Delivery System

The reason Race-Keeper systems are so popular amongst driving experience and events operators is because, we don’t just provide you hardware that captures video. We provide you a supremely powerful marketing tool.

Race‐Keeper is a video data system that captures video data files to SD for instant delivery at the track to guests of premium driving and racing experiences. Race‐Keeper systems capture and produce high definition, multi-camera videos synchronized automatically with data acquired from GPS.

Race‐Keeper can deliver video wrapped in a custom branded Instant Video player that includes each guest’s videos/ data, player software, and operator/partner marketing collateral. Race‐Keeper’s Instant Video player also includes point‐and‐click software for guests to export videos for upload to YouTube and other social media sites. Race‐Keeper benefits :

  • World’s best onboard video – 1080p HD @ 30fps with two full resolution video streams
  • Automatic, instant & accurate synchronization of video and data
  • Unique, branded media player for delivery to guests
  • Instant, on site, delivery to guests.  No post processing required
  • Ease of implementation and maintenance, and ease of use by operations personnel
  • Fully automated operation.  No need to replace batteries or manually start recordings
  • World’s leading video data system to racing experiences with 99%+ reliability across three million captures

Race‐Keeper is used worldwide by premium racing experiences, OEMs and marketing agencies for delivery of videos to guests, as well as for engineering and driver skills training.

RaceKeeper hardware includes:

  • Road-Keeper HD Single unit video data logger (fully configurable for auto start/stop function)
  • Two (2) High Definition 1080p HD @ 30fps cameras
  • Auto‐gain microphone (optional integration with instructor radio available)
  • GPS antenna integrated into Road-Keeper HD logger(for course mapping, speed and lap information)
  • Various system mounting solutions (windscreen or rollbar mounting)
  • Capture to micro SD card, full size adapter supplied with every SD card
  • Power loom (cig lighter plug power or direct connect to 12V power)
  • Simple operation; automatic and manual options

Race‐Keeper is simple to use on track and minimizes personnel requirements for system administration; videos are initiated with auto‐start + auto‐stop setup.

RaceKeeper software includes:

  • Branded Race-Keeper Instant Video player that plays synchronized video and data
  • Point‐and‐click software for customers to export and upload their videos to social media web sites
  • Perfect video capture and share system for high volume Driving Experience venues

Instant Video Player: For Windows and macOS

Race-Keeper’s Instant Video Player is primarily a marketing platform.  Instead of a simple video file branded with overlay graphics, the Race-Keeper Instant Video player, which is included on each guests SD card, integrates the video, data and corporate branding for a rich engaging playback experience.  The landing page presents, not only the video links, but also the driving experience/events brand, with links to the operators webpage, partner links and any other material or links that the operator may want to present including document’s, digital photographs, coupons for additional experiences, etc…  The Instant Video Player also has hot links for the guest to quickly export their video, complete with branding, to social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and others.
We will create fully custom Instant Video players for both Windows computers and for macOS machines. Your guest simply launches the required player after they have inserted their SD card into their computer.

System administration and product delivery

Race-Keeper is designed for high‐volume driving and racing experiences  For instant delivery, the simplest process is the trackside personnel inserts SD card into Race‐Keeper and presses the inline power button to power up and initiate recording. Then after the track session, they click the power button again to power off the Race-Keeper and they then remove the SD card; when each guest’s sessions are finished, they are given their SD card and delivery is complete.

Video: High-Definition Onboard Video Captures Smiles and Surprises

Race‐Keeper produces visually compelling High Definition videos for guests of automotive experiences.  Race‐Keeper is configured for two High Definition cameras, displayed as picture‐in picture, and swappable with a double click to change which view is the main view and which is PIP (Race‐Keeper’s proprietary Dual Stream video). Race‐Keeper’s high definition cameras are configured for 1080p HD at 30 frames per second (fps) with onboard image stabilization for the sharpest, clearest image available.

Audio: Crisp, Clear Onboard Audio Captures Laughs and Excitement

Race‐Keeper produces crisp, clear audio using a durable, high‐quality microphone that picks up an amazing range of audio, including conversation, radio, and engine noise on the course.

System software includes AGC (automatic gain control), which adjusts audio levels automatically.  Race‐Keeper’s microphone captures the laughs and excitement of each guest’s track experience. External microphone and intercom record options are available.

Data: Onboard Data Captures Course Map/Vehicle Position

Race‐Keeper delivers course map, vehicle position on course map, and speed from a 10Hz GPS antenna that are part of the standard Race‐Keeper system. The Race‐Keeper media player automatically synchronizes GPS‐derived data with video and displays an animated course map as an overlay on the video. Guests enjoy watching the location of their vehicle from a “birds‐eye” view of the course. Each data element can be displayed automatically on animated gauges as overlays to the video.

OnTrack Reliability: Over Three Million Outings Captured with 99%+ Reliability

Race‐Keeper is the world’s standard for video and data capture for the premium racing experience market. Since 2006, Race‐Keeper has captured more than three million on‐track outings with 99%+ successful delivery.

Media Delivery: SD

Race‐Keeper delivers your guests video, data and Instant Video player on branded SD media. SD options are delivered via Race‐Keeper Instant Video at the track after each guest has completed his/her experiences; advantages include same‐day delivery and minimal post‐event administration.

Instant Video Media Player on SD card

After completing an on‐track experience, guests insert their SD card into a PC or MAC and instantly play video and synchronized data using a customized Race‐Keeper media player that displays video and data (e.g., course map, animated speed gauge, etc.). Race-Keeper will prepare a branded media player software application that plays synchronized video and optional data. The player will also include point‐and‐click software tools for customers to export and upload their videos to social media sites.

Instant Video Player Options

There are two video player options: Side-by-Side and Picture‐in‐Picture.


In picture-in-picture mode, you can choose the location of the in picture window on the main image.

Using RaceKeeper at Events

Race-Keeper Instant Video software is delivered on fully branded SD cards.   Instant Video on SD card eliminates the cost of post event production, human induced errors and omissions, postage and the additional wait time required to get the video to the guest.  Also, the SD card adapter and protective case can be branded with the operators logo, and QR code with a link to the operators web page or a Race_keeper Help page.  Race‐Keeper is designed to minimize personnel requirements for system administration; generally speaking, guests or trackside operations personnel can perform all of the tasks required for video capture and delivery of videos.

SameDay Delivery on USB or SD

Before Track Session

Race-Keeper staff pre‐load the custom Instant Video media player on to each SD card; at registration, each guest receives a SD that is ready to record video data sessions and which plays video and data within the branded Instant Video media player.

During Track Session

Guest (or trackside personnel) inserts USB or SD into Race‐Keeper system to initiate recording and then stops recording and removes USB or SD. Guest repeats procedure as required for optional additional sessions; when sessions are finished, USB or SD delivery is complete.

Operating Models

Race-Keeper has 2 well-developed operating models that provide the operator with a range of options. With Option A the driving experience operator receives everything required to deliver an exceptional video marketing product to every guest. :

Option – A: “Revenue Share” provides the operator with a turn-key system that generates additional revenue with minimal initial investment. The operator merely has to schedule SD orders per their monthly (or longer) requirements.  All equipment costs, maintenance, and support are covered in the cost of the recording media.  This gives the operator maximum flexibility and support.  In turn, Race-Keeper guarantees the performance of the system and recording media.

Option –B: “Hardware/Software/Support/Media Bundle” provides the operator  with an enhanced revenue stream from SD card sales by purchasing the Race-Keeper hardware and thereby lowering the cost of the recording media and maintaining system performance. Race-Keeper will bundle the custom software (Instant Video Player with regular updates), a comprehensive support agreement that includes both operator support and customer telephone support and branded, loaded recording media at competitive prices.

For more information, please contact us at with details of your requirements.