RKLive Share your track action with the world

Race-Keeper Live is the world’s first turn-key on-board, multi-camera, live video streaming system. Four years in development, Race-Keeper Live now makes streaming live video from your race car, simple, easy, and cheap. No more frustration trying to set up dedicated feeds, hosting sites, linking video or making do with poor quality cellphone video to stream video from your race car. Race-Keeper Live streams stunning, stable, HD video from the Race-Keeper HDX2, via existing mobile networks, straight to the web for viewing on any web-enabled device.

Easy:  The Race-Keeper Live system comes pre-configured for your preferred streaming platform and ready to use right out of the box.  Simply plug it into the Race-Keeper HDX2 for the live video feed, and you are live.

Automated: The Race-Keeper Live system is fully automated automatically initiating the live stream when the system is powered on and will re-connect automatically if the connection is lost.  Race-Keeper Live starts and stops live stream sessions automatically.  Sessions are automatically archived to the user’s page at live.race-keeper.com for replay.

Share Anywhere:  The Race-Keeper Live stream can be viewed on any web-enabled device, from your home computer to your smartphone trackside.  The feed can be private, public, or linked to social media.

Cost Effective:  The Race-Keeper Live feed uses existing 4g mobile networks so no additional trackside hardware is required.  The Race-Keeper Live stream is hosted on the Race-Keeper Live server and can be viewed by any web-enabled device.  The Race-Keeper Live stream can also be linked to most social media platforms.  Race-Keeper Live sessions are automatically archived for playback at any time.

HDX2 Live Video Streaming