HE/Black Metal Operator Control

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Race-Keeper remote control in black custom anodized aluminum with 8′ cable gives the driver essential control of the Race-Keeper system even when it is mounted out of reach.

The USB slot encases an attached USB stick for extra-secure USB connection, which can be used to capture Race-Keeper track sessions, update system configuration and update system software.

The super-bright LEDs under an elegant black membrane panel clearly show the system’s status, even in radiant sunlight. The black membrane panel includes four LEDs:
• Race-Keeper: Green = system on
• Recording: Red = recording; fast flashing = system start-up
• Transfer: Yellow = updating system software or system configuration
• Status: Flashing blue = system start-up, Blue = ready, solid/blinking blue = no GPS

Red button starts and stops video data captures and is useful for manual over-ride of auto-start and auto-stop configurations.

The remote control also includes a nifty port next to the USB slot to connect our Race-Keeper Video Out Cable for quick and easy camera alignment.

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