2022 SCCA National Championship Runoffs Registration

SCCA 2020 Runoffs

Race-Keeper/Road-Keeper 2021 SCCA National Championship Runoffs® Contingency and Special Purchase Programs

In conjunction with the 2021 requirement for forward facing cameras, (Supplemental Regulation 9.18) Trivinci Systems LLC is proud to announce that they will be official 2021 SCCA National Championship Runoffs® Contingency Sponsors, offering cash prizes for drivers finishing in the top three places in any race who have registered for the contingency program, and have three prominently placed official Race-Keeper decals on their car. One decal on each side close to the race number and one on the hood, visable in any incar video footage recorded during the event. These should be clearly visable in any photos of the car.


Trivinci is also offering special 2021 National Championship pricing for Road-Keeper systems of $339, regularly $399, (plus shipping).

The system comes with a power cord that fits into a standard auto power outlet. For cars that do not have an operating power outlet there is an alternative power cord with regulator that can be hard wired to the cars electrical system.

The recommended mounting for the system is the Road-Keeper Suction Cup mount. (It can be tethered to the roll cage to comply with video mounting rules in the GCR. Alternately, the unit can be mounted to a standard camera mount attached to a roll cage.

To order a Road-Keeper system, go to the Race-Keeper.com website. To take advantage of the special pricing apply the coupon code SCCA2021RO60 when checking out.