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HDX2 has been used for motor racingtrack daysflight experiencesvehicle activationsdriving experiencesdriver coachingteen driver safetyrace boats and so much more.

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HDX2 Technical Specifications

Dual-Stream 1080p HD Recording

HDX2 records two video streams, both with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 meaning you end up with two 1080p HD video streams in one video file

Digital Image Stabilisation

HDX2 uses complex algorithms to help improve overall video quality and clarity.

Supports up to 8 non-HD cameras

Through the use of additional hardware, HDX2 can support up to 8 x 700TVL cameras.

20Hz GPS Data

HDX2 samples GPS data 20 times a second, meaning that all GPS derived data is highly accurate.

Tri-Axial Accelerometer

HDX2 features an onboard tri-axial accelerometer and gyro so that basic vehicle dynamics can be analysed.

Record to SD or USB

HDX2 features both an SD card slot and USB3.0 compatible port on the box so you have the freedom to record to either without any additional hardware.

Live HDMI Output

HDX2 features a live HDMI video-output which can be used for either live streaming, as a rear camera or to help position the cameras in the vehicle.


HDX2 supports OBDII and can communicate with vehicle ECU’s and other devices via CANbus.

Analysis & Reporting with Comparo

Here are just some of the things you can do in our Comparo software.

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