HDX2 Live Video Streaming


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Race-Keeper Live is the add-on live stream module for the HDX2 Video-Data System. Race-Keeper Live streams live, multi-camera video, from your HDX2 System to the web. Race-Keeper Live is a fast and simple solution for streaming live video from your car to any web-enabled device. The add-on module plugs into the HDX2 and streams via your 4G hotspot to a hosting site of your choice.
For improved Streaming performance, we can supply a 4G modem that connects directly to the Live Streaming module. This modem uses a full-size SIM card from your 4G service provider. (If you use a micro or nano SIM card in your 4G hotspot, your 4G provider should be able to move that line over to the full-size SIM card. You’ll need to contact your 4G provider to give them the IMEI number from the Modem).

There are many live streaming platform options including YouTube, Facebook, UStream, and Livestream.

As the system uses a 4G signal on either your own hotspot or the Race-Keeper modem to broadcast your encoded video, please ensure the venue you will be using the Race-keeper Live system at has good 4G coverage (5 bars ideally).

The Race-Keeper Live kit includes:

  • Race-Keeper Live streaming module
  • HDMI Cable
  • Mains Charger
  • Velcro Mounting Tape

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs

We know that your time on track is limited, but so is the time available between sessions, during which you have to review your video/data, along with a whole host of other things. That is why we have made our video data analysis software so simple to use.

Although we believe Comparo HD is the simplest video data logging software on the market, to some we appreciate it may appear daunting at first glance, due to all the text, graphs and buttons. That is why we actively encourage you to download a copy of Comparo HD for free, along with some sample video/data and have a go at comparing laps and analysing data for yourself.

Comparo HD is Race-Keepers video data analysis software which plays synchronized video alongside course map and data traces, including speed, lap number, lap time, G forces, as well as any other data streams available via OBD-II, ECU/CAN or from Analog/Digital sensors.

It presents all of this information in a single, combined view so that you can instantly start analyzing your ontrack performance straight away. Data and video is automatically syncronized so there is no unnecessary setup or configuring that is required before you can playback your outing.