Predictive iDash is our lap timing software which delivers live in-car performance data and predictive lap times using innovative timing and velocity methods derived from GPS and vehicle data.

Predictive iDash gives racers valuable real-time comparisons of current lap vs. best lap, and critical decision-making data to continue driving a qualifying lap hard and fast or to cut bait until the next lap, saving precious resources, including tires and fuel. With predictive lap times and min corner/max straight data, racers also can test different lines, different corner entry speeds, and different gears to identify the optimal approach to the fastest lap.

Predictive iDash delivers lap timing, predictive lap timing and other critical data via our Unbreakable Wi-Fi router attached to Race-Keeper’s video data systems to Droid or Apple devices, with stunning HD graphics that automatically resize to accommodate all display resolutions. Predictive iDash also stores and displays lap times and related performance data for each track session, so racers can quickly review each session’s lap times and data.

Set up is simple: connect to Race-Keeper’s Wi-Fi hot spot and Predictive iDash is ready to go. Set shift points, store and display start-finish lines, select RPM source, and configure gear settings all with the touch of graphical buttons.

NEW for 2014 – Improved Start Line Setup process
We have introduced two new and simple methods to store the start and finish line position at your race track, solo course or rally stage.
1) Use your phone or tablets GPS and Compass to automatically set the start-finish line coordinates at a track – just stand at the end of the start line in pit lane and click ‘SET’. The iDash app will store the Lat and Long and Heading information for the start finish line.
2) If you are setting up iDash before getting to the track, you can type in the Lat, Long and heading numbers, and save to the track you’ll next heading to next. It’s easy to find this data online on Google maps or on Track websites.

Unbreakable Wi-Fi
Our Unbreakable Wi-Fi router hardware offers superior range and performance, as well as unbreakable Wi-Fi communications between the Race-Keeper system and the Apple or Droid display device: once the connection is established with Race-Keeper’s Wi-Fi data stream, data flows perfectly and continuously to the Apple or Droid display device. The hardware is produced by one of the world’s leading Wi-Fi router developers and manufacturers.

What’s Included
Race-Keeper Predictive iDash software license, Unbreakable Wi-Fi router hardware, including cables and connectors required for connection to Race-Keeper, plug n’ play configuration shipped by Race-Keeper, and Quick start guide for easy reference.

Predictive iDash works best with any Apple or Android 7″ or 10″ tablet. The app also works on Apple or Android phones, although in a race car the smaller screen size of a phone is harder to see so we recommend using a tablet. That way you will have a good clear display of your predicted lap times and all the other data the the Predictive iDash provides.

For more details, refer to the Race-Keeper Predictive iDash User Guide.

NOTE – When ordering a HE/Black Predictive iDash, please include in the comments section of the order whether you are actively using an OBDII adaptor in your USB Port, as this will define which iDash connection cable we will supply to you.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs

We know that your time on track is limited, but so is the time available between sessions, during which you have to review your video/data, along with a whole host of other things. That is why we have made our video data analysis software so simple to use.

Although we believe Comparo HD is the simplest video data logging software on the market, to some we appreciate it may appear daunting at first glance, due to all the text, graphs and buttons. That is why we actively encourage you to download a copy of Comparo HD for free, along with some sample video/data and have a go at comparing laps and analysing data for yourself.

Comparo HD is Race-Keepers video data analysis software which plays synchronized video alongside course map and data traces, including speed, lap number, lap time, G forces, as well as any other data streams available via OBD-II, ECU/CAN or from Analog/Digital sensors.

It presents all of this information in a single, combined view so that you can instantly start analyzing your ontrack performance straight away. Data and video is automatically syncronized so there is no unnecessary setup or configuring that is required before you can playback your outing.