HDX2 in Helicopters

HDX2 in Helicopters

Last week, Race-Keepers UK Technical Sales Manager visited a customer in Germany who use HDX2 to capture stunning visuals from their helicopter tours around the castles of Bavaria…

Eurofly Aviation GmbH operate a large number of helicopters across Germany, for both pilot training and flight experience purposes, and have chosen Race-Keepers HDX2 Multi-Camera 1080p HD Video Data Logging systems as their video capture device of choice across their fleet of choppers.


Due to the space limitations inside the cockpit of their smaller Robinson R22, they are using the new HDX2 Cube Cameras. They also have a live video monitor positioned infront of the pilot/guest so that they can see fantastic images that the video system is capturing, hopefully enticing them to purchase the video at the end of their flight. The lack of space also makes mounting the HDX2 main system unit difficult. They currently install the system at the base of one of the passenger seats however more work will be carried out to improve this installation.

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