Comparo HD Updates

Comparo HD v85 Updates

We have just released v85 of our industry leading Video & Data analysis software, Race-Keeper Comparo HD which includes a bunch of new features.Corner Zoom & Driving Line ComparisonThe ability to zoom in to the GPS drawn track map, as well as compare lines from two drivers, has been a regular feature request from our users. We are pleased to report that the latest version of software allows you to do just this.All you need to do is compare two outings [...]


MORE New Features in Comparo HD

Race-Keeper have continued to develop our video-data analysis software Comparo HD throughout 2015 and have recently implemented a number of new features and changes that vastly improve the usability of the software.Our most recent updates to the software include a complete overhaul of the way outings are listed/located and changes to our video export section.File Location ButtonsYou can now easily switch between looking for outings from within your Comparo library or elsewhere on your computer by selecting either "Comparo [...]


New Features in Comparo HD

​To coincide with the release of Race-Keeper's HDX2 dual stream 1080p onboard video logger, the Race-Keeper Comparo software has been overhauled to support HD video and we added in a few new features while we were at it.Double-clicking video makes it playback in fullscreen mode with data graphics. Double click the picture-in-picture view to switch which camera is shown fullscreen. You can move & resize all graphics and move the picture-in-picture camera too. Double click the big image (or [...]