Race-Keeper Connect testing is looking Great!

Race-Keeper Connect testing is looking Great!

Perfecting the Art_FP2 FINAL June 2024

The Race-Keeper Connect video data logger will be the next-generation of on-board camera systems from Trivinci Systems LLC, designed for the most demanding racing applications. Its compact design features a dual-camera system with OBDII data logging, CAN data bus connectivity, high-accuracy GPS, and a built-in 4G modem for live streaming and fleet management.

Whether you’re a professional racer, a Club racer or a serious enthusiast who tracks their daily driver, the Race-Keeper Connect will help you improve your performance and reduce your lap times. With its advanced features and intuitive operation, it’s the perfect tool for capturing and analyzing your data.

For driving experience operators, the Race-Keeper Connect will provide the next level of video and data capture for your higher-end driving experiences where your guests come to learn new skills and analyze their track performance with your professional driving coaches.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with the new Race-Keeper Connect:

* Analyze and compare your lap and split times, driver inputs and engine data in our Race-Keeper Comparo video data analysis application
* Capture data from your vehicles’ ECU over CAN connection
* Live stream your races to fans and sponsors right from the Race-Keeper Connect – no additional hardware required
* Share your data with your team for feedback and collaboration

More information about the features of the Race-Keeper Connect coming soon.

Here’s a little side by side comparison from Donington Park circuit in the UK where Race-Keeper Connect testing continues

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