LiveStream your Race-Keeper Onboard Video via 4G

LiveStream your Race-Keeper Onboard Video via 4G

Through the use of 4G cellular networks that offer supremely fast data transfer rates, Race-Keeper are now able to offer drivers the ability to LiveStream from their cars onto the internet, allowing friends, family and sponsors to enjoy the action…

Race-Keepers new LiveStream system is designed for real-time video transmission over a 4G data network meaning that the team, as well as anyone else with an internet connection and access to the private LiveStream URL, can watch a live video feed from onboard the race car.

“The LiveStream system uses 4G as the communication method as opposed to traditional methods such as radio or microwave” says Race-Keeper UK Technical Sales Manager Matthew Poat. “This reduces the cost of the broadcasting platform and enables us to offer a live streaming solution at a pricepoint suitable for the club racer. Although 4G is still in its infancy in the UK meaning that dropouts can occur, over in the U.S. where 4G has become almost ubiquitous, Race-Keeper USA have successfully used this technology to LiveStream a number of trackdays and racing events”.

Race-Keeper USA President Angus Mackenzie adds “At every track in the States, we can get full track coverage, something which was not possible with previous transmission types such as radio. Also the stream is close to being real-time. To achieve almost real-time transfer of HD video plus full coverage around the track is great.”

“When you LiveStream HD video from the car,” continues Angus. “You get a much better picture of when a driver is struggling with handling or when they are not getting the most out of the cars performance. This means that the engineers can start planning setup changes before the car even comes in to the garage. It can turn a two day test into a one day test. LiveStreaming onboard video can also help with race strategy, especially in PRO/AM driver pairing situations”.

The LiveStream system from Race-Keeper is delivered as a ‘plug & play’ solution, with no unsightly antennas or signal boosters required. You just need the LiveStream hardware from Race-Keeper, an active RacerConnect Live! account and a 4G data capable sim card.

If you are interested in the Race-Keeper LiveStream system, please contact the sales team

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