HDX2 at Pikes Peak

HDX2 at Pikes Peak

Race-Keepers new HDX2 Multi-Camera 1080p HD Video Data-Logging System continues to make its debut at some of the world’s most famous and historic motorsport events. This time, HDX2 is being used at the notorious Pikes Peak Hill Climb…

Pikes Peak is revered in motorsport as being one of the toughest hill climb courses in the world. Also known as “The Race to the Clouds”, the event is a time trial race to the summit of Pikes Peak mountain in Colorado USA twelve and a half miles (20km) in length and consisting of 156 turns. Any machine looking to compete in this challenging event needs to take into account the lack of oxygen in the upper sections due to the high altitude. In 2015, Race-Keeper’s new HDX2 High Definition Video Data Logger will be aboard a number of different machines that will be tackling Pikes Peak.


Mike Ryan Motorsports – Freightliner Racing Truck

Practicing on the upper section of the course Wednesday, the all new purpose built racing truck was struggling with teething problems but managed three good passes. This is the first time out for Mike in the new truck after last year’s practice crash. Thursday’s practice on the lower section of the course was cut short when a turbo hose blew about 2/3rds of the way into the first run.

Onboard Footage 1

Mike Ryan’s website: http://mikeryanmotorsports.com/racing/

Randy Pobst – Nissan GT-R

Race-Keeper’s new HDX2 High Definition video data logger is helping Randy Pobst prepare for the 2015 Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb. Randy will be driving the Pikes Peak Racing prepared Nissan GT-R. By the end of Wednesday’s practice Randy was 1st in class and 5th fastest overall!

Onboard Footage 1

Onboard Footage 2

Pikes Peak Racing’s website: http://www.go-ppr.com/

Competition runs for the 2015 PPIHC are sunday and can be streamed live from the website at: http://www.ppihc.com/

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