HDX2 goes to the Isle of Man TT

HDX2 goes to the Isle of Man TT

In the 2015 edition of the world’s most extreme street motorcycle race, one sidecar team will be running a Race-Keeper HDX2 video data system in order to capture the thrills and spills of riding an F1 sidecar around the Isle of Man…

Roy Tansley has the unusual record of being the fastest paraplegic amputee ever to race in the IOM TT races, although he is perhaps the only person with these issues ever to have raced there?

Roy last raced in the TT back in 2003 where he won a Bronze replica along with the ACU team prize with team mates and TT legends Dave Molyneux and Nick Crowe.  Averaging over 100MPH for the 3 lap race Roy became the only amputee to ever achieve this feat.

Roy takes up the story; “When I raced there last I had massive issues with my knee and had to be lifted off the bike after each session however I was hugely pleased to get such a good result on a bike that only had 100BHP.  I have had years of operations that did not go well and also growing my Paddleshift/Gearshift business meant that health and financial reasons prevented my return.  I now have a full replacement knee and am able to walk again so I am building a new bike and going back.”

Due to a rule change which now allows 675cc triples into the TT Sidecar races for the first time to compete against the 600cc four cylinder Japanese manufacturers, the engineering challenge of being the first British sidecar to race there for many years was just too much to resist.  “We should have around 35% more power than before so I feel we will hopefully be able to give a good account of ourselves we have some great people in our team including former World Sidecar Champion and TT winner Steve Abbott who will act as crew chief. We have also developed what we feel is the world’s fastest commercially avaliable semi-automatic gearshifting system and there is a lot of time to be gained there, Dave Molyneux won both sidecar TT races in 2012 using my gearshifter so we know it is very competitive at the highest level so I am sure it will help me too!” said Roy.

Roy will be driving with Leicester based Dave Dean onboard as his passenger and they will be using a Race-Keeper HDX2 onboard video data logging system to help them be on pace from the world go.

UPDATE – Here is some video captured aboard the Pro-Shift Technologies sidecar during practice for the Isle of Man TT. Unfortunately the bike did not compete in qualifying or any of the races for various reasons.

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