Road-Keeper in your Road car, this Holiday season!

Road-Keeper in your Road car, this Holiday season!

HELP!! It’s That time of year again! What do you buy the racecar enthusiast who has everything?!! Our Road-Keeper Dual-stream HD video data logger will make the ideal Holiday gift for your partner’s race car and for Your road car…
More and more drivers are protecting themselves from other road users with a camera in their streetcar.
Here are 8 good reasons why you should have a camera in your daily driver:

8 reasons why should you consider buying a camera for your car

The Road-Keeper has two cameras to keep an eye on the road ahead and also inside your vehicle.
You have a young driver in your family? You trust them not to use their phone while driving, but installing a Road-Keeper will keep everyone honest, and if anything does go wrong while they are on the road, you will be able to calmly discuss it with them over a cup of camomile tea.

Use our Race-Keeper Comparo software to easily import and view your Road-Keeper video. You can see the two video streams, as well as a map showing the location and the exact speed of the vehicle.
Race-Keeper Comparo

Download our Race-Keeper Comparo application for free and see what all the buzz is about. There are two sample outings you can download, unzip and review in Comparo.


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For more information about the Road-Keeper see the Product Page here
Road-Keeper info on our site

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