MORE New Features in Comparo HD

MORE New Features in Comparo HD

Race-Keeper have continued to develop our video-data analysis software Comparo HD throughout 2015 and have recently implemented a number of new features and changes that vastly improve the usability of the software.

Our most recent updates to the software include a complete overhaul of the way outings are listed/located and changes to our video export section.

File Location Buttons

You can now easily switch between looking for outings from within your Comparo library or elsewhere on your computer by selecting either “Comparo Library” or “Explore PC” from within the new Open Outing interface. Examples of these two views are shown below in screenshot 1 and screenshot 2.

Screenshot 1 – Comparo Library

Comparo Library Screenshot

Screenshot 2 – Explore PC

Explore PC Screenshot

Types of Outings

When in the “Comparo Library” view you will see an additional three buttons to the right of the File Location Buttons:

All – Displays every single Race-Keeper outing that has been imported into your Comparo library, including ones that have since been moved or deleted from your computer (highlighted in red)

All Outings Screenshot

Recent – Displays any outings that you have recently imported/opened

Recent Outings Screenshot

Favorites – Displays any outings that you have highlighted as “Fav” from within the Comparo library. Just click on the “Fav” tickbox to add that outing to your favorites.

Favorite Outings Screenshot


This checkbox defines whether a preview of the outing video appears on the righthand side of the open window. This is useful for reviewing the file once imported, either to check whether it is worth keeping or to identify the driver so that you can complete the outing details correctly.


This search bar allows you to input a word such as “Spa” or “Joe” and any outings which contain that word will appear, regardless of whether the word is a track name, outing name or driver name.

Highlighted Outings Key

At the bottom of the Open Outings interface is a colour key that tells you what the various coloured outings mean:

Yellow (Comparo Library Only) – Newly Added Outings

Red (Comparo Library Only) – Missing Outings

Green (Explore PC Only) – Outings Already in Comparo Library


New Video Export Section 

We have moved the video export functions into their own “Export” dropdown menu, as we have added even more functionality to this section. It now includes:

  • HD Export – Export a partial or full session to a single video file for upload
  • Fastest Lap HD Export  – Export the fastest lap from a session to a video for upload
  • Compare HD Export – Export a lap comparison from one/two sessions to a video for upload
  • Upload to YouTube
  • Crop Outing – Crop and save part of a session (e.g., best lap) for continued use within Comparo HD
  • CSV Export – Export the Race-Keeper data only for integration into third party software (i.e. Excel)

New Export Menu

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