The Perfect Harsh Environment

The Perfect Harsh Environment

Recently Race-Keeper attended the “Grand Prix of the Sea” in Gosport, England. This is an offshore racing event where powerful stock powerboats tackle the harshest race track there is, the ocean…

P1 Superstock is an affordable offshore racing series where identical Panther P1 powerboats compete against each other in four gruelling sprint races per race weekend.

Powerboat racing is INTENSE. Not only are you travelling at around 70 miles per hour on a track that is forever changing but everything inside the boat, including the crew, is constantly being pummelled by high G forces, as the craft crashes through the waves. It‘s these two factors that make powerboat racing an ideal fit for Race-Keepers new HDX2 video-data system.

With data from built-in tri-axial accelerometers and it’s 20Hz GPS, you are able to drill down and really fine tune your performance, identifying the ideal turn in points and trim for each corner of the course. When this data is combined with rock solid, broadcast quality 1080p HD video, the result is truly something special. Not just a driver training tool, but a whole new marketing platform.

The HDX2 system is fully waterproof and built for extreme environments where high shock and vibration are common place.  Also, provided that both cameras are properly mounted, you won’t suffer any unsightly jelly wobble that can plague other HD action cameras. Instead, you will end up with two crisp, clear video streams that are automatically synchronised with each other, with the audio and with the data.

New-for-2015 racers “New Wave Racing” agreed to install and run HDX2 on their P1 powerboat during practice, providing them with some great data/video and Race-Keeper with invaluable real world data. We would like to thank New Wave Racings driver Dave Taft and Navigator Lee Norvall for their hospitality in the lead up to and during the event.

You can check out some of the stunning onboard video in “HDX2 Unleashed: Episode 4 – New Wave Racing” above and find out more about P1 Superstock by visiting:

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