Lexus Loving Race-Keeper HDX2 at Sydney Motorsport Park

Lexus Loving Race-Keeper HDX2 at Sydney Motorsport Park

Lexus’s recent first experience with the Race-Keeper HDX2 system left them speechless amazed at the quality of the footage, audio and overlay graphics.
The Lexus LFA was in action on track for some hot-lap ride alongs. HDX2 video showing the hair raising hot laps right here:

Racing Super Star Dean Canto was on had to show Lexus and their guests all the best bits of the Race-Keeper systems.
A custom Race-Keeper Instant video player was prepared for Lexus; this player allows instant playback of all track sessions recorded by the Race-Keeper HDX2 and contains links to the Lexus website and social media sites. The Instant video player also allows each guest at the event to export their best lap or favorite session on track and easily upload to YouTube, Facebook or any other site where videos can be published and shared.

Instant Video

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