Road-Keeper at the Todd Cholmondeley IT/SPEC*tacular Regional Races, SCCA.

Road-Keeper at the Todd Cholmondeley IT/SPEC*tacular Regional Races, SCCA.

Road-Keeper was represented at the Todd Cholmondeley IT/SPEC*tacular Regional Races hosted by Cincinnati Region SCCA on Aug. 2-3 at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington OH. To recognize the long hours of work put in by the corner marshals, Trivinci Systems LLC donated a Road-Keeper video data system that was raffled off on Sunday morning. The system was won by Tom Phillips, a long time flagger and part of the backbone of the team.

A Road Keeper system was also carried by Matt Downing as he competed in one of the most hotly contested classes, Improved Touring A. Hope to see some great video from Sunday’s race.

The Road-Keeper video and data acquisition system provides Matt with the essential information that he needs to evaluate his on-track performance without needing race engineers to interpret the data. Looking forward to seeing more Road-Keeper systems out there.

The IT/SPEC*tacular, the region’s main Club Race, has over 10 years of history. The concept of the IT/SPEC*tacular was born in 2007 in an effort to address the potential of non-profitable events in the declining economy. The approach was to give grassroots racers a venue to race, while maintaining a potential for a positive profit. So the IT/SPEC*tacular was born in which the Improved Touring and the popular Spec classes were invited to a restricted double regional event that featured a three race format for crowning a champion in each class. This format was well received by the invited classes and the event was a success, allowing the region to continue to host events. As the economy improved and racers started coming back to events, the region expanded the event back to include all SCCA classes, and was re-badged as the IT/SPEC*tacular Plus. From 2017, our IT/Spec*tacular is dedicated to Todd Cholmondeley.

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

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