HDX2 tastes the Champagne at Summit Point

HDX2 tastes the Champagne at Summit Point

Some excellent close racing took place at Summit Pont over Labor Day weekend and the Race-Keeper HDX2 system was there to capture all the action…

Last weekend, the D.C. Region was host to the Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series, one of the largest and most successful club level racing series in the country, when they competed in the SCCA Labor Day MARRS event at Summit Point, a track that is both an active racing circuit and an emergency training location for local/federal law enforcement. Since Summit Point is located close to the Race-Keeper USA offices, we had a number of systems in use over the weekend including on the Brimtek Motorsport prepared VW Jetta GLI Widebody driven by Tristan Herbert, who went on to win his class race.

The car is officially classless within the SCCA club racing system but were permitted to run in STU after their gracious fellow class competitors agreed to let them in.  STU is the closest class that the vehicle could be considered legal for. The two things that puts it outside STU specs is the rear wing and the Fender Flares covering the widened track.

Tristan likes to run with the MARRS Series SCCA Club racing in the DC region, which has been running for the last 40 years.  This is the series he originally started Road Racing in, so it feels like home and the people feel like family.  Tristan commented “The MARRS region Labor Day Double is just like a giant family reunion, everyone shows up, cars come out of the woodwork for that event and the fields are huge”.

Here is a video showing highlights from both of the races that the Brimtek Motorsports, Revo, Volkswagen Jetta GLI took part in with Tristan Herbert behind the wheel. Commentary is from Cameron Conover who does a great job of explaining the technical aspects of the car and calls out what is happening on track. The really exciting bit of the video starts at the 11 minute mark with an all-out battle for first place with Ed Yorks orange BMW.

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